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From Mining to metal to finished products...

Marketing Innovations

    The best marketing innovations are a means to improve an organization's ability to strengthen relationships with existing customers and build new prospects. Keeping this in focus, BRG has been constantly utilizing original approaches in marketing to engage with customer groups that are key to the Stainless Steel Industry. In recent years, the industrial growth and market innovations in this sector have enhanced the demand to produce quality products for various applications. To meet evolving customer expectations, BRG develops and integrates solutions that aim at transforming the way people look at stainless steel. In a way, the organization is on track to anticipate and cater to the needs of the future.

  • The BRG edge:

    • Over two decades of successful manufacturing experience in stainless steel, special steels, and ferro-alloys.

    • All projects have high sustainability due to financial soundness, high CAPEX deployment and multiple cost-saving advantages.

    • All projects have long-term profitability through cost saving in logistics and value chain integration.

    • Product range includes large number of grade variants.

    • Longest value chain integration from processing 'ores' to manufacturing 'kitchenware' under a single facility.

    • Extensive down stream integration of production facilities.