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Environment, Health and Safety

    Believing that the well-being of its human capital is more important than anything else is a value that BRG appreciates in all its operations and activities. As a responsible manufacturer involved in the complete steel value chain, the organisation is committed to take satisfactory precautions related to environment, health and safety (EHS) in developing, manufacturing, storing, handling and distribution of its products and in its business. BRG operates comprehensive safety measures with corresponding quality management processes. It is ensured that the workplace is free from accidents, injuries and exposure to hazardous elements.

  • Some initiatives in this direction include:

    • Employing EHS initiatives that are in line with initiatives and innovations for continuous improvement.

    • Complying with applicable Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) requirements.

    • Addressing EHS concerns proactively in our operations.

    • Using process safety measures like Safety Audits, Analysis and proper documentation of safety related information.

    • Complete support from management and employee involvement.

    • Transparent communication about the value of safety.

    • Continuous review of safety objectives to improve EHS performance.

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