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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Caring for the community

    At BRG we believe that caring for the community around us is a way forward in developing a deeper appreciation of people and life. Social responsibility has always been a priority for the philanthropic Goyal family, and they have conducted business with the a deep-seated purpose of making a positive difference to the society at large.

    BRG has adopted an integrated sustainability approach that encompasses all stakeholders and people living in and around its areas of operation. We have developed a thoughtful and inclusive approach, which is aligned with our values and involve participation of members across all functions. We focus our community engagement and programs on specific societal issues in three core areas - health, education and livelihood. This approach ensures the effective and balanced management of BRG's economic, social and environmental commitments.

  • Some specific initiatives undertaken include -

    • Organising free medical check-up camps and vaccination and blood donation camps in rural areas.

    • Distribution of spectacles after corrective diagnosis.

    • Conducting 'Pure Water for All' campaign with digging of bore wells and tube wells.

    • Promotion of education through soft-loans and scholarships for deserving rural students (in polytechnic studies).

    • Introduction of skill-based livelihood training for sustainable self-employment of villagers.

    • Holistic adoption of around 3-4 villages in our areas of operation after most project activities are over. Providing educational, medical and other benefits.

    • Partnerships with Government programs aimed at improving job opportunities and rural self-employment.

    • Providing active support to local NGOs.

  • Caring for the environment

    BRG's commitments extend beyond its areas of operation to include the vision for a safe and pollution-free world in the future. In order to reduce the impact of our business footprints on the environment, we implement effective energy efficiency and environment protection measures right from the onset of a project. The initiatives help us combat the threats of global warming and adhere to the eco-friendly practices on a sustainable basis.

  • Our environmental initiatives include:t

    • Compliance to all statutory norms & laws of environment protection.

    • Documenting all possible environmental concerns at the onset of a project.

    • Installing bag filters & dust collection system at the point of fugitive dust emission at SMS.

    • Conserving power by using hot liquid ferro-alloys transfers at SMS.

    • Lowering carbon footprint and reducing NOx and SOx by increasing heat value utilization of regenerative burners in re-heating & annealing furnaces.

    • Minimizing emissions by replacing furnace oil by eco-friendly Propane/ LPG gas.

    • Harvesting rainwater in hot and cold rolling division.

    • Planting trees in the plant periphery.

    • Tying-up strategically with waste management companies.

    • Recycling waste (including acid regeneration), to reduce acid requirements by at least 70%.

    • Appropriate effluent treatment and elimination of toxic liquid effluents.