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From Mining to metal to finished products...

Consumer Products

  • After putting in years of research & technology, hard work and innovation, BRG is all set to 'adding life' to the world of stainless steel. This translates into a varied and novel range of consumer products that will find a permanent place in every household in India and abroad. BRG has transformed the value of steel from being an anti-corrosive utility product to something that is high on aesthetics.

    BRG's stainless steel consumer products are lifestyle products comprising an amazing range of innovative kitchenware, stunning tableware, stylish cookware and much more. Each product has been individually designed to enhance the modern kitchen experience as a whole. Truly international in technology and design, these kitchen essentials represent the solid strength of stainless steel at the core and its understated elegance in look and feel.

    • Cookware

      The range of Stainless Steel Cookware from BRG is fashioned from specialized stainless steel in a variety of shapes, inspired by an intuitive understanding of your unique requirements. Click here to download e-brochure

    • Cutlery

      Sophisticated, original and traditional-BRG's Stainless Steel Cutlery is perfect for every taste. Available in a wide assortment of forms, this will be an essential component in setting up a table. Click here to download e-brochure

    • Sinks

      The range of elegant Sinks, presented in an array of pleasing casts and sizes, combines all utility features that ensure convenience in cooking. Click here to download e-brochure

    • Flasks

      The diverse range of Stainless Flasks from BRG manifests simple functionality, meticulous detailing and a stylish finish.

    • Pressure Cookers

      Efficient and versatile, the assortment of Stainless Pressure Cookers from BRG provides you myriad cooking options with the assurance of consistent quality. Click here to download e-brochure