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From Mining to metal to finished products...

Cold Rolling Division

Output (CR Coils):
5,00,000 MT per year of max. 1500 mm width

Stainless Steel (200, 300 & 400 series)

  • The Process

    The hot rolled, annealed and pickled coils are passed through rolls at room temperature, a process referred to as cold rolling. This helps in thinning the hot rolled coils further. The sheets and strips of reduced thickness are again subjected to the annealing and pickling processes. A final cold rolling step then prepares the Stainless Steel for further processing. The product obtained at the end of the cold-rolling process is extensively used in aesthetic applications as the thinned stainless steel yields to further polishing and buffing with consummate ease.

  • Facilities

    • 20 Hi Mills
    • Continuous Annealing, Pickling & Vertical Bright Annealing Lines, Batch Annealing Furnaces
    • Acid Re-generation Unit