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Chairman's Message

  • Dear Friends,

    BRG has indeed come a long way since it began its journey in 1994. Yet, each day unfolds new goals for us as we continue to evolve and augment our performance to match international benchmarks. Our Company is powered by this very force of change and sets the pace for the stainless steel industry in India.

    At BRG, we seek to remain contemporary and always at the forefront of development through our ability to create exceptional value for all our stakeholders by surpassing their expectations. We listen to our customers, feel their pulse in the market and create new solutions. We are guided by the spirit of innovation to work out differentiated offers unique to the customers' needs for every category, encompassing the biggest possible value chain in steel manufacturing from commodities to specialties.

    Our global strategy encompasses specialty, high-value steel products for global markets, which showcases our competence in the international arena. With a target turnover of US $ 700 million by 2011-12, and CAPEX of US $750 million for ongoing projects, BRG is ramping up production of sophisticated high-end stainless steel, and spreading its offtake across the globe. Starting with utensils, we will scale up our operations to meet the rising preference for stainless steel across multiple household and lifestyle product segments. At BRG we are rapidly developing a network of distribution partners to reach customers even in the remotest corners of the country.

    As the world changes, steel products must transform to stay relevant. For Team BRG this is both a challenge and an inspiration. With the zeal to excel and add value to life, we are all set to play a leading role in the ongoing stainless steel revolution.

  • A. K. Goyal
    Chairman and MD